The Question to Life's Answers

The Question to Life’s Answers

Spirituality beyond Belief

Steven Harrison

In this inspiring work, Steven Harrison lays bare the workings of the mind and spirit with brilliant clarity and proposes a new way of living our lives with a fresh spirituality that is beyond belief.


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In this original and inspiring work, best-selling author Steven Harrison lays bare the workings of the mind and spirit with brilliant clarity and proposes a new way of living our lives with a fresh spirituality that is beyond belief. Grappling with the questions we all have about life, he deconstructs the prevailing spiritual, therapeutic, and self-help methods we use to try to change ourselves. By taking this journey of exploration with him, we come face-to-face with the unknown and the potential for radical transformation.

Following the highly regarded and best-selling publication of Doing Nothing: Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search (in print in 8 languages), Harrison sets forth in this new book to expand his vision of the conscious life in direct and accessible language.

The Question to Life's Answers asks, "How do we apply our spiritual understanding to our daily lives?" The author examines our ideas and conditioning regarding spiritual power, enlightenment, emptiness, time, therapy, relationships, work, money, children, and community. Harrison reminds us that even as we "do something" in our busy lives, we have the natural capacity to find stillness in the midst of action. Harrison suggests that our "life must be based on something more substantial, grounded, and connected than the conceptual self."


Praise for The Question to Life's Answers 


When a book disturbs, upsets commonplace assumptions, and forces us to reconsider major issues, it is valuable. Harrison does all that and more. He throws light into dark corners and offers a way out from our cultural mind-trap. This dialogue is on a par with those of Bohm and Krishnamurti or Castaneda and Don Juan.

—Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Crack In The Cosmic Egg

From the moment I saw the title, I was in love with this book. I simply can't recommend it highly enough. Harrison lays to rest narcissistic and narcotic forms of spirituality, and invites us into a truly open inquiry. For those who are tired of seeking security and certainty, and who are willing to take the plunge into spiritual adulthood, this is the book to read.

—Joan Tollifson, author of Bare-Bones Meditation: Waking Up from the Story of My Life

Like Socrates, Harrison roves through various questions that make up our modern life to seek answers that we might live out in our search for greater human integration. This work will excite those who have already studied the inadequacies of the world of thought and concepts and are searchers into the 'really real.'

—Rev. George A. Maloney, author of Inward Stillness

How do we enter into wholeness in a divided world? This book takes the reader through a veritable maze of all the complicated constructions humans make, taking sly potshots along the way at science, philosophy, religion and yes, even spirituality. This is a demanding book, well worth the effort of the journey through it.

—Elise Boulding, author of Cultures of Peace: The Hidden Side of History

Steven Harrison moves through authoritarianism and belief systems to arrive at consciousness and the explosion of the heart.

—Paul Rezendes, author of The Wild Within

Whenever you feel close to a new personal insight in your spiritual life or you sense a breakthrough in the world's spiritual awareness, be sure to check in with Steven Harrison right away. Chances are very good that he's already there, leading the way, way ahead of us. With this work, Harrison deepens and broadens his peeling away more of the layers that hide the truths we seek, the answers we assume, and the questions we avoid. It's quietly wonderful!

—David Kundtz, author of Everyday Serenity: Meditations for People Who Do Too Much

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