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A Dangerous Master

How to Keep Technology From Slipping
Beyond Our Control

There is no doubt that we’re in an era of remarkable scientific advancement. From nanotechnology to synthetic organisms, new technologies are poised to radically transform life as we know it. However, with profound growth comes profound risk. In “A Dangerous Master”, renowned ethicist Wendell Wallach explores the challenges of these advancements. Despite the great promise of scientific discovery, Wallach argues that we could unleash an array of forces beyond human control. This captivating and informative analysis examines both the fear and the hype around our incredible progress while proposing solutions to regain control of our technological future. Wallach’s narrative offers stark warnings alongside hope, compelling us to confront the practical–and moral–dimensions of our creations.


Chronic Eros

The Lost Secrets of Love


A delusional memoir of the author’s unrelenting investigation into the erotic, which many would consider absurdist satire but the few recognize as the deepest truth.

Follow along with N. Nosirrah as he finds the flow of love in every encounter with the farcical characters he meets on the road to self-knowledge, heart break and the merger with the transcendental he calls Chronic Eros.


Immediate Knowledge and Happiness


In this classic writing on non-duality, John Levy addresses the question which has always puzzled humankind : ‘What am I?’

Levy enlists the aid of the essential doctrine of Vedanta, ‘the end of knowledge,’ and its highest aspect of Advaita, or Non-Duality:

“…if l possess a body and a mind, I am clearly other than the body or the mind.
If man is not the body and mind he believes himself to be, what is he? If you rest in consciousness, you will at once be happy and free from bondage.”


Beyond the Power Struggle


When parents struggle with a child who is challenging, oppositional, reactive, and demanding, they often feel at a loss as to how to manage and where to turn for guidance. Offering the same support and honest advice he gives parents in his practice, Dr. Selznick uses plain, down-to-earth language to give parents practical tools and clear methods for dealing with the everyday struggles that come with parenting challenging kids. His warm and inviting demeanor shines through in his writing as he shares a wealth of knowledge and years of experience working with children and families of all backgrounds. Reading this book is like sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend who’s been there and wants to help. Dr. Selznick has a way of teaching without criticizing, and giving parents hope without sugar-coating the issues.

Doing Nothing

Coming to the End of the Spiritual Search


Doing Nothing is for those who have found themselves religiously following practices that have not fundamentally changed their lives: new therapies, ancient meditations, exotic religions, or old-time religion. It encourages them to find the truths of life through the simple act of stopping the search.

What do you do after you’ve tried everything to find enlightenment or happiness? “Do nothing,” writes Steven Harrison. “As it turns out, nothing is a surprisingly active place, but it is here that we discover who and what we are.”


Love's Drum



Love’s Drum is an exquisite reflection on the nature of reality. With essays, practices and stories, the Sufi teacher Pir Elias Amidon leads us into the mysteries of nondual awareness, making clear its essence of unconditional acceptance.


Yak Girl

Growing Up in the
Remote Dolpo Region of Nepal

This unusual memoir of a spirited girl in the remote region of Nepal vividly portrays life in her primitive mountain village in the 80s, her struggles in bewildering Kathmandu, and her journey to America to receive life-saving surgery. An inspiring story of an indomitable spirit conquering all obstacles, a tale of a girl with a disability on her way to becoming a dynamic woman in a new world.

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