The Creaky Traveler in the North West Highlands of Scotland

The Creaky Traveler in the North West Highlands of Scotland

A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile

Warren Rovetch

While this book is good for all readers, it offers something special for the Creaky Traveler. Part travelogue, part guidebook, this book transports us to another culture where we have much to learn.


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On a journey of discovery, Warren and Gerda Rovetch, both "creaky" themselves, explore the hidden places of Great Britain's last wilderness, the rugged and startling coast of Scotland's North West Highlands. They bring fresh perspectives to the environmental, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of their experience as their journey moves at an easy pace from village pubs and croft houses to places of untouched natural beauty and solitude. Celtic history and tradition comes alive as our hosts meander their way along. Part travelogue, part guidebook, but all charm and wit, this book transports us to another culture where we have much to learn.

While this is a book of interest to all readers, it offers something special for the Creaky Traveler who is "mobile but not agile." With over 25 trips to Europe behind them, the Rovetches have mastered essential planning and navigation skills for successful and affordable independent travel. They detail web, print, and human information sources; the "character study" method they have devised for choosing routes, stopping points, and places to stay; the art of dealing with airlines in matters ranging from age-related seating to surviving treks to and from planes; the best rental car models; and, above all, pacing that serves body and soul.

Join them as they stay in charming, small guesthouses and hotels whose proprietor-chefs purvey fresh, clean, and lively dishes and equally lively dinner conversation. Participate in a three-day ceildh (kay-lee), a celebration of traditional music, song, poetry, and dance. Take a white-knuckle ride on the "wee mad road" past Badnaban Bay and into Lochinver. Learn the practical and imaginative approaches that make Creaky Traveling a manageable, adventurous, and rewarding occupation.


Praise for The Creaky Traveler in the West Highlands of Scotland


Your book made me long to be with you (unlike, say, Paul Theroux who makes me happy I am back home, or Bill Bryson who would plainly want me to be odder than I am actually). I have never met a travel book with so much love in it—for each other, for nature, for the oddities you encountered, for good food, and for the privilege of living on this planet. The book is deliciously readable, and the facts gathered—and then implanted—show a breadth of curiosity that is enticing.

—Anthony Smith, author of Beside the Seaside (6,000 miles along the coast of the North West Highlands and all of Great Brtain), Jambo: African Balloon Safari, Explorers of the Amazon and a dozen other travel books and TV series.

I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone contemplating a visit to the beautiful north-west Highlands of Scotland. It captures the magic of the region and brings to life its remarkable history, traditions and captivating scenery. Much more than a travelogue, this is a fascinating record of a personal journey of discovery in one of the worlds great centres of natural beauty.

—T.M. Devine, Director of the Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies at the University of Aberdeen; author of The Scottish Nation, 1700-1000, Conflict and Stability in Scottish Society, The Great Highland Famine, and Clanship to Crofter's War.

This well researched, detailed and evocative book combines travel guide, history, nature studies and a sensitivity to the culture and environment of the far North of Scotland. Reading it reminded us of why we moved to this most beautiful part of the world. His attention to detail while not losing sight of the broader canvas is reminiscent of Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux.

—Kevin Crowe & Simon Long, Loch Croispol Bookshop and Restaurant, Durness, where the north west of Scotland stops and the Atlantic begins.

Travel guide' is far too shallow a term for this engaging volume that, yes, serves as a primer of trip preparation and execution but also offers an insightful and broad-gauged exploration of the history, lore, people, and landscape of Scotland's compelling North West Highlands. And this multi-faceted account is beautifully told. Warren Rovetch may be creaky, but his prose is nimble, lively and spry. What a great read. What a great place.

—Charles Wilkinson, Distinguished University Professor at the University of Colorado and author of a dozen books including Fire on the Plateau: Conquest and Endurance in the American Southwest.

The book is a grand concept brilliantly and artfully accomplished. This 'creaky' traveler may physically be 'mobile but not agile' but as a travel strategist and writer Rovetch clearly has all the right stuff. His informed, sharply observed and hopelessly openhearted account of the north-west coast of Scotland is superbly evocative, and if the rest of the series is half as good as this first volume, we had best keep our bags packed.

—Donald Laing, past president, American Bookseller Association and former managing editor, American Book Review

This book is full of great memories of journeys and travel tips. It includes a test to help readers determine their 'creak' level—'can I lift the suitcase into the airplane luggage bin and get it down?'

—Joyce Meskiss, owner of the Tattered Cover Bookstore

I am impressed that someone passing through the North West Highlands of Scotland could see—and see through—so much. But, then, how many travelers play Gaelic songs in their cars?

This book will be a revelation to visitors, and to many locals too if they have the good sense to read it.

—Donald MacLeod, Editor, Am Bratach,The News Magazine for the North West Highlands

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