The Creaky Traveler in Ireland

The Creaky Traveler in Ireland

A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile

Warren Rovetch

A Creaky Traveler himself, Warren Rovetch brings the culture, history, and wondrous natural beauty of Ireland to life. Part travel story and part guidebook this book transports us to another culture.


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Warren Rovetch, whose unique travelogue of his trek through Scotland was recommended on NPR, now brings the culture, history, and wondrous natural beauty of Ireland to life. Part travel story and part guidebook, but all charm and wit, this book transports us to another culture. While interesting for all readers, it offers planning and navigation tips for the Creaky Traveler who is “mobile but not agile.”

Warren Rovetch has been a Fulbright Scholar at Oxford, an economist, a textbook publisher, and a creator of an environmental education and conference center on the Columbia River. He and his wife, Gerda, live in Boulder, Colorado and have traveled extensively around the world.

Praise for The Creaky Traveler in Ireland

It would be impossible to confine The Creaky Traveler to a single genre. It is a combination of short stories, memoir, travel guide, journal, and history book. Rovetch's amusing tales of traveling mishaps are as likely to provoke laughter as his sharp insights about beauty and spirituality are to bring about sincere contemplation. This extraordinary account provides vivid descriptions of one of the most exquisite landscapes in the world, and discerning insights into the personalities and psyches of its people. The book is a must for any visitor to these parts.

—Jimmy Deenihan, Member of the Irish Parliament, North Kerry

The book is a virtuoso demonstration of how rewarding thoroughly researched and thoughtfully planned travel can be. Both creaky travelers and the fleet of foot will benefit from the excellent advice section, and the genial narrative is a masterpiece of engagingly informative meandering.

—Donald Laing, former managing editor, American Book Review

On this amazing journey of discovery, Rovetch, with keen eye, acute ear, and great insight, takes us far beyond the ordinary travelogue. In his thoughtful style he captures the beauty, spirit, humor, magic, and contradictions of Ireland, past and present, including the Beara Peninsula, the very wild and beautiful place my great grandfather left in the mid 1800's for America. If you have been to the West of Ireland you will treasure this book. If you haven't been to Ireland or the West you will surely want to go, and experience for yourself 'a place all its own'.

—Mike Sullivan, former United States Ambassador to Ireland and Governor of Wyoming

This ‘travel guide’ is like no other I have encountered in that it captures the essence of South West Ireland and is an intimate account of the characters, cultures and traditions of this region. For me, having lived in Kerry all my life, it has given a renewed interest in my heritage. This excellent book should be read by both locals and visitors, as it provides a uniquely alternative view of Ireland to what we are used to from traditional ‘travel guides.’ It is an ideal companion for visitors looking for the authentic Ireland.

—Cara Trant, Manager,
Kerry Literary & Cultural Centre, Listowel

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