The Ultimate Distinction

The Ultimate Distinction

Resolving Our Biggest Philosophical, Spiritual, and Practical Problem

Matt Mullen

This book shatters the understanding of temporal and physical boundaries, piecing the shards back together with an explanation of the distinction between what is relative and what is absolute.


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The Ultimate Distinction shatters the average individual’s understanding of temporal and physical boundaries, piecing the shards back together with a pragmatic explanation of the distinction between what is relative and what is absolute. Matt Mullen effortlessly combines Zen thinking, western philosophical inquiry, and modern day physics to reveal the inaccuracy of our belief that fixed boundaries exist between things, space, time, self, truth, and consciousness.

Mullen clearly explains the science behind his perception “that Reality is ultimately nothing but Consciousness Itself,” but he also makes sure we understand the importance of both the absolute (limitless) and the relative (definable) in our lives. Denying the relative negates the rule of law and destroys our ability to navigate the world. Denying the absolute leaves us lost in suffering and strife.

The Ultimate Distinction’s use of direct and concise language makes it a readable source for the everyday reader, yielding understanding of sophisticated and subtle concepts that have profound application to their life. Even the most knowledgeable of philosophers and spiritual thinkers will appreciate Mullen’s discerning mind and his thorough grasp of a very significant existential issue.

For ten years, Matt Mullen has studied Zen under Steve Hagen, a widely respected best-selling author of books about Buddhism and philosophy. Matt is a pragmatic, logical, down-to-earth teacher of philosophical and spiritual matters.


Praise for The Ultimate Distinction


With directness and clarity, Matt Mullen draws attention to a critical distinction that few realize the need to make. It is no ordinary distinction.

—Steve Hagen, author of the best-selling book Buddhism Plain and Simple, and founder of Dharma Field Zen Center in Minneapolis

Matt Mullen’s book, The Ultimate Distinction, is a succinct and urgent call to attend to the heart of the matter. In spare language, Mullen helps us see that we suffer because we are consumed by the stories we tell ourselves. Release from suffering means patiently and quietly paying attention to what is really here. The book clearly and carefully unwinds powerful myths about the self and other, space and time, the nature of consciousness, and truth. Really embracing The Distinction, however, doesn’t point us to yet another, better story. Rather, it points us in the direction of a practice, the practice of freedom. I heartily recommend The Ultimate Distinction to any reader who is curious about what It means.

—Deane Curtin, Professor of Philosophy, Gustavus Adolphus College

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