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N. Nosirrah’s books defy classification. They are profound inquiries that bring together Western philosophical and ancient Eastern traditions in exuberant, outrageous satire that overturns those disciplines. They are serious in the insights (or non-insights) they convey, but refreshingly light in their playful nonsense and laugh-out-loud humor. Nosirrah covers everything from puke rock (don’t ask) to buttoned-down politics, from contemporary spirituality to email spam, taking his readers on a dizzying adventure. Whether you walk away mystified or enlightened, you are sure to be both entertained and challenged by this fantastic spiritual prankster.



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about the author

N. Nosirrah

N. Nosirrah is a writer and philosopher who asks his readers to question their existence, God’s existence, and in particular, Nosirrah’s existence. He has said that those who understand his writings have no need to meet him, those who do not have no reason to meet him, and those who need to meet him have no need to read his writings.