Sky Above, Earth Below

Sky Above, Earth Below

Spiritual Practice in Nature

John P. Milton

Embrace the power of natural energy as you explore six principles and engaging practices in this complete awareness training. This book shows you the way to create a new relationship with yourself.


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Imagine living your life in balance and harmony—relaxed and alive with possibilities, fully engaged in the moment. Embrace the power of natural energy as you explore six sacred principles and a wealth of engaging practices in this complete awareness training. Immerse yourself deeply in the natural world and learn energy cultivation practices that open your heart. This book shows you the way to create a profoundly new relationship with yourself.

John P. Milton is the author of many books, a former professor of environmental studies, a pioneering meditation teacher, and a founding father of the environmental movement. He integrates the essence of Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Hindu Tantra, Christ Consciousness, and indigenous insight into a method of spiritual practice in the wild.

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Praise for Sky Above, Earth Below


John Milton is one of the truly important teachers coming out of the American cultural context today; he has a unique capacity to help people into an encounter with nature that catalyzes their deepest sense of purpose and innate capacities as leaders.

—Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and co-author, Presence

John Milton is a wonderful spiritual teacher. His twelve principles are legendary and they really work. Now at last we have them in a wise and warm-hearted book. Superb!

—W. Brian Arthur, former Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Economics, Stanford University

John teaches us about our connection to the earth, to each other, to all. The information in this book is already changing my life, and has the power to change the world.

—Mark Stevenson, Vice President, Merrill Lynch

A stunning book of wisdom, and a guidepost in our quest to discover a more liberated life.

—Joseph Jaworski, coauthor, Presence

John is a pioneer who cares about the relationship between people and Mother Earth. This book not only gives readers a tool to unite with nature, it also provides practical methods to help them balance body, mind, and spirit. John beautifully translates Taoist wisdom into language and techniques for the western world. This book is a true blessing.

—Yun Xiang Tseng Chen, Taoist priest from Wudang Mountain

When meeting nature, you meet your authentic self. John gives us the guidelines, practices, and tools to re-connect to nature. This is a book we have been longing for.

—Göran Gennvi, founder and CEO of Nature Academy Learning Lab

If you are looking to transform your life—body, mind, and spirit—this book is for you. John Milton, a gifted spiritual master, shares ancient wisdoms and principles, practices to live into, and stories that open your heart. You are about to discover just how profoundly connected we truly are to the sky above, earth below, and everything in between.

—Cheryl Esposito, Executive Coach, and founder, Center for World Leadership

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