Pass the Jelly

Pass the Jelly

Tales of Ordinary Enlightenment

Gary Crowley

While taking us through an unusual day, the author offers insights on living along with comical memories of his childhood. It will make you laugh and nod in agreement through its twists and turns.


Pass the Jelly is both very funny and unexpectedly profound. It provides simple, easy-to-relate-to, yet seldom-considered wisdom on the human condition. As the author takes us through one unusual day, he offers insights on living along with comical, tender memories of his childhood. Engaging and fast-moving, the book will make you laugh and nod in agreement as you enjoy its unexpected twists and turns. Gary Crowley has seen through many of the false assumptions human beings bring with them as they encounter life, and he brings a fresh and distinctive voice to his narrative. Simplicity with depth and laughter with wisdom place Pass the Jelly among those rare books that successfully entertain and inspire.

Crowley presents a constantly changing interplay of opposites. He opens your mind with humor, overcoming any resistance to the realities of existence. The Pass the Jelly Principle (People do what they do. That’s what they do. And that is it.) will help you see that we are all bound within the chain of cause and effect. His formula for instant compassion and his notion that “when you pick up the stick of life, you get both ends,” offer rules-to-live-by wisdom that will stick with you long after you finish the book.

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Praise for Pass the Jelly


Gary Crowley explores the brilliant ordinariness of “what is” with a user-friendly writing style that sparkles with wit and wisdom. By humorously showing how everyday encounters can be opportunities for new awareness, he invites readers to open themselves to the obvious beauty and simplicity of the here-and-now moment. If you’re tired of long-winded, esoteric books that aren’t grounded in the real world, then Pass the Jelly is definitely something that you'll enjoy. Highly recommended.

—Chuck Hillig, author of Enlightenment for Beginners

Gary and his unforgettable characters say a lot about the way things are and about how to live life effectively. You never feel you are being lectured, however. The characters, not the teachings, take the front seat. That makes Pass the Jelly an important contribution to the spirituality genre. Profound spiritual teachings are rarely this easy and this much fun to get, understand, remember, and apply. The one topic Gary never talks about is the one thing this book is all about: love. You feel it on every page, in every paragraph. I loved this book.

—Jerry Katz, editor of One: Essential Readings on Nonduality

In a genre loaded with books about the serious business of enlightenment, Gary Crowley’s new book, Pass the Jelly, shows us we can frequently find humor on the road to awakening. I recommend this book to anyone interested in laughing their way to practical enlightenment.

—Ike Allen, co-creator of the movie Leap!

I find in Gary Crowley and his book Pass the Jelly a rare combination of humor, perspective and wisdom—a refreshing take on life and reality. I'm the better for it, and I hope many people partake in this nourishing and tasty feast.

—Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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