Looking for God

Looking for God

Seeing the Whole in One

Chuck Hillig

This book has a hole in the center of each page, which Hillig uses as a metaphor for the emptiness we fear in ourselves. He points out the spaciousness in each of us and outlines the journey into the (w)holeness.


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Looking for God is the second book in Sentient's edition of Chuck Hillig's Enlightenment Quartet. Hillig's lighthearted writing brings a simple and yet profound message to the spiritual seeker. This extraordinary book has a one-inch hole drilled through the center of each page, which the author uses as a metaphor for the emptiness we may fear in ourselves. By pointing to the hole, Hillig points out the spaciousness in the center of each of us and outlines the unique journey into the (w)holeness that lies at the core of the spiritual path. This unique and uplifting book is a gift of inspiration to all readers who search for happiness and love.

Chuck Hillig has an M.A. from St. Louis University, and an M.A. from Azusa Pacific University. He has been licensed as a marriage and family therapist since 1978.

He is the author of seven books, which have helped thousands of people around the world experience a new awareness of their true nature. He lives in Locust Grove, Virginia, not far from Fredericksburg.


Praise for Looking for God


This is a fabulous book, utterly simple and right to the point, delightful and enlightening. If I could recommend only one spiritual book, this could well be it.

—Joan Tollifson, author of Awake in the Heartland

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