Enlightenment for Beginners

Enlightenment for Beginners

Discovering the Dance of the Divine

Chuck Hillig

Using clever but understandable words and drawings, Hillig invites seekers to discover that they are already who they’ve been looking to become and that a life of love is already at hand.


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Enlightenment for Beginners is the simple account of how and why you've been imaging yourself to be only a separate and limited being. Using clever but easily understood words and drawings, Hillig invites the seeker to discover that they are already who they’ve been looking to become and that a life of love and connection is already at hand. Although this deceptively uncomplicated book can be read in a sitting, its profound spiritual impact can last an entire lifetime. A wonderful gift for anyone who is on the spiritual path.

Chuck Hillig is a psychotherapist who has studied eastern philosophy for decades. He lives in Locust Grove, Virginia, not far from Fredericksburg.


Praise for Enlightenment for Beginners 


There are brilliant insights in Chuck Hillig’s book. Even one of them could dramatically change your life.

—Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of Quantum Healing

An ingenious book! May it help people see what’s absolutely simple, obvious and inescapable.

—Douglas Harding, author of On Having No Head

You succeed in expressing very profound ideas of perennial philosophy in the most elementary, simplified and humorous way.

—Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of Realms of Human Unconscious

I loved your book! Alan Watts would have roared with amused approval. Congratulations!

—Timothy Leary, Ph.D., author of The Politics of Ecstasy

It is simple, witty and fragrant with the Source from which it was received. A wonderful gift to be passed on to our loved ones.

—Francis Lucille, author of Eternity Now

This book is a gem and a classic.

—Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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