A Message from Jakie

A Message from Jakie

A Spiritual Journey of Love, Death, and Hope

Michael Weinberger

The inspiring personal journey of transformation the author shared with his beloved wife before and during her illness and through communication with her after death from cancer at age forty-six.


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A Message from Jakie is a modern day Love Story converging with Conversations with God. Written in a cinematic style, this memoir relates the personal journey of the transformation the author, a well known Hollywood screenwriter, shared with his wife, Jakie, before and during her illness and through his communication with her after death from cancer at age forty-six. It reads like a novel—down-to-earth, moving, fun, irreverent, honest, and filled with the details of love, grief, and rebirth. This is a book that triumphs over tragedy and celebrates life, addressing the great mystery of death and beyond.

Michael Weinberger is a TV sitcom writer who has written and produced for Growing Pains, 3’s Company, Alice, Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, and many more. He lives in Los Angeles.

Praise for A Message from Jakie


A tender story of a love that transcends even death, with an inspiring message for all of us.

—Deepak Chopra, author, Peace is the Way

Michael Weinberger brings intimacy and wit to the mystery of death suddenly erupting in the middle of life. Whether you share his beliefs about life and death, you'll love sharing Michael's journey through the greatest grief and beyond.

—Arianna Huffington, editor of the Huffingtonpost.com

Michael Weinberger's moving tale has all the making of a great movie-love, loss, heartbreak, and a message from an angel. I came away inspired, with new appreciation for every breath of my life.

—Sally Kirkland, Oscar nominated, Golden Globe award winning actress, producer, director, and teacher

Weinberger's funny, touching real life tale opens a window into heaven. After reading Jakie's message, you'll know, once and for all, that our spirit lives on.

—Agapi Stassinopoulos, author, Gods and Goddesses in Love

Mike Weinberger went through the hell of his wife's death and came back with his faith and sense of humor intact. Reading how he did it makes for a captivating story of love, devotion, and otherworldly surprise.

—Mike Sullivan, former president, UPN Television Network

A Message from Jakie is a poignant story, one that assures us that love transcends all barriers, even the final one of death. It inspires the adventure of the soul as it charts a path that assures us that life is forever.

—Jean Houston, author, The Possible Human

While I don't agree with his spiritual beliefs and interpretations, A Message from Jakie is beautifully written. Michael lets the reader in on an extraordinary love affair and the deep ache of separation. It is true, I never saw Mike without Jake or Jake without Mike. After reading this, you will want to live every moment of life to its fullest.

—Connie Sellecca, actress

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