How to Heal with Singing Bowls: Expanded and Revised

Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods

Suren Shrestha

This popular book includes more than 15 new techniques of using singing bowls for treating conditions such as insomnia, neck/ shoulder tension, and muscle cramps throughout the body.


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Over the last few years Westerners have become more open to alternative methods of healing, and the use of Tibetan singing bowls to address a variety of ailments has drawn considerable interest. Suren Shrestha is a master of these ancient techniques. His book includes detailed, step-by-step instructions and photographs showing how to place and strike the bowls, along with an audio download that includes some of the healing therapies. Some of these methods have been taught to only a few Eastern practitioners, and Shrestha is committed to spreading them in the West to all who want to learn.

The newly revised and expanded edition of this popular book includes more than 15 new techniques for using singing bowls, covering the use of one or two bowls for treating conditions such as insomnia, neck and shoulder tension, and muscle cramps throughout the body; and using the bowls with yoga postures and heated herbal therapy packs. Much of the new information in this edition was requested by readers of the first edition and students in the author’s many classes.

Benefits from singing bowl therapy include relief from pain and stress-related conditions. It can be used in healing the effects of chemotherapy, and reducing pain as well as discomfort from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression. Clients experience improved memory, clarity, vitality, and better sleep, and often experience the effects for several days. This remains the only book on the market with step-by-step instructions for the therapeutic use of these bowls.


Praise for How to Heal with Singing Bowls


Suren Shrestha is an engaging and experienced instructor who clearly relates the methodology that he learned from his teachers in Nepal. His sincerity and desire to see that his students can both comprehend and capably practice these techniques is very apparent in his work. The effects of experiencing sessions with the tuned chakra bowls are truly phenomenal. This is a technique that can be incorporated into other alternative healing modalities and, even more importantly, it can stand on its own to create positive changes in clients. Thank you, Suren, for bringing this ancient wisdom to the West and sharing it with us!

—Rev. Deborah Ann Bourbon, R.N. Owner, Pathways, St. Louis, MO

Suren Shrestha teaches the how-to's, but more importantly, he teaches by example that the path of healing is a journey of humility, generosity, joy, and love.

—Guru Bachan Kaur / Donna Wong, Student

I use the Tibetan singing bowls in my practice and have found them to have profound effects on my patients. The bowls have an amazing ability to counteract and dissolve the harmful effects stress has on the body, almost instantaneously. The bowls also help individuals connect to their higher awareness and facilitate healing at a very deep level. I applaud Mr. Shrestha for bringing forth and sharing such valuable information with the public, especially in this how-to format that is rarely seen in books of this nature.

—Dr. Jacob Hans, Chiropractor

I have found the singing bowls to be a wonderful addition to my healing practice. I feel so very blessed to have learned from Suren Shrestha, a man who has embraced his heritage and ancient teachings. The singing bowls allow the body to remember the perfection of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and allow them to reunite in conversation. I highly recommend the use of the singing bowls as a healing modality.

—Dr. Kelly Martin, D.C., Owner of Expression of Life, P.C. in Boulder, CO

Suren Shrestha has brought to the western world a thorough understanding of the application of traditional Tibetan healing methods with singing bowls…a true treasure source for balanced living in a contemporary society.

—Marianne Denniston, Interior Designer and Vastu Design Professional

The singing bowls and Suren Shrestha’s training have bought a new and more energetic dimension to my acupuncture practice. The effect is often an awakening for patients, like a moment of seeing the meaning of their life reflected in a pond. This opens more conversation with my patients about what is truly healing and what being attentive to loving will do for them.

—Dr. Lewis Holm, D.C., L.Ac

This treatment is equivalent to a massage of sound and vibration, and is especially successful with people who do not like to be touched or those who do not have a meditation practice. Healing with the Himalayan bowls appears to work, as does acupuncture, by aligning the chakras or meridians through unblocking congestion. I have used these healing bowls for treatment of a severe migraine with a client who could not relax. The pain subsided completely within a 30 minute session. I feel blessed to have this healing tool to incorporate as a modality in my holistic nursing practice.

—Mitzi Cagle, RN, B.S.N

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