Homebirth in the Hospital

Homebirth in the Hospital

Integrating Natural Childbirth with Modern Medicine

The book presents fifteen powerful testimonies of women who have had an integrative childbirth in a hospital setting, with commentary by the physician who enabled these emotionally satisfying births.


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Written by a physician, this book embraces the power and possibility of integrative childbirth, in which the compassionate tradition of midwives is combined with the technical expertise of western medicine. Too often pregnant women feel they have to choose between the emotional support of a homebirth and the technical advantages offered by a hospital. Women may need a hospital birth because their insurance coverage, or because of family concerns, health problems, or previous experience with a difficult birth. Yet they still want the compassion and empowerment of a natural childbirth at home.

The book presents fifteen powerful testimonies of women who have had an integrative childbirth in a hospital setting, with commentary by the physician who enabled these emotionally satisfying births. These stories show that women can prepare for birth in ways that minimize fear and put technology to its best use.

Dr. Kerr provides clear guidelines for planning an integrative birth, focusing on the “Five C’s”: Choice, Communication, Continuity, Confidence, and Control of Protocols. Prospective parents will learn what questions to ask when searching for a provider and how to make their hospital birth the personal and fulfilling experience that they desire.

As a family physician, Dr. Kerr has been providing the “homebirth in the hospital” experience for women for over fifteen years.


Praise for Homebirth in the Hospital 


If you’re pregnant or planning to be, read this book! Dr. Kerr’s wise embrace of nature and technology demonstrates that the best births have the right mix of midwifery and medicine.

—Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, creators of the film The Business of Being Born

Dr. Stacey Kerr's wonderful book of birth stories shows how the midwifery model of care can be provided within a hospital setting. I hope that Homebirth in the Hospital reaches a wide audience of parents-to-be and physicians, as it's just what the midwife ordered! It should be required reading for all obstetric and family practice residents.

—Ina May Gaskin, author of Spiritual Midwifery

Homebirth in the Hospital is a wonderful breath of fresh air! Dr. Kerr’s balanced approach to childbirth is inspiring and very helpful. I highly recommend this book.

—Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

A much-needed book showing that women can have real choices in hospital childbirth, and that the key ingredient in their ability to give birth as they wish is the ideology, the wisdom, and the heart of the practitioner. In this case, that practitioner is Stacey Kerr MD, who, like the best of midwives, is there to guard, guide, and inspire the women she attends to help them achieve their desires. A must-read for any woman interested in giving birth normally in the hospital setting—usually very difficult to achieve, but entirely doable, as this book beautifully demonstrates, when the doctor is truly on and by your side.

—Robbie Davis-Floyd PhD, author, Birth as an American Rite of Passage

Homebirth in the Hospital is an outstanding book and a must-read for all expectant parents as well as the providers who care for them. Dr. Kerr has truly integrated concerns for safety and the use of appropriate technology of the medical model with the skills and comprehensive wisdom of the midwifery model, thereby using medical interventions only when truly necessary. Dr. Kerr clearly illustrates with detailed examples how women and their clinicians can work through the challenges that are unique to each woman's individual birth. Caregivers and women will benefit by seeing how empowering and healthy normal and natural childbirth can be when using skillful hands-on maneuvers, instilling confidence and facilitating the woman's own ability to understand what her body can do, the choices she has, and the confidence to communicate her needs. This book is a significant contribution to modern and normal childbirth.

—Phyllis Klaus, MFT, LCSW co-author of The Doula Book

A must-read for the expectant parents who want a natural birth but also want to have the security of a safe and happy delivery. Dr. Kerr is an impassioned advocate of patient empowerment in the birthing process. She has always practiced what she so eloquently believes. Congratulations to Dr. Kerr for writing this very timely and much needed book on natural childbirth in a hospital setting.

—Bob G. Field, M.D., former Director of High Risk Obstetrics, Sutter Medical Center, Santa Rosa, CA

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