How to Disconnect from the Rat Race, Have an Existential Crisis, and Find Meaning and Fulfillment

Nancy Whitney-Reiter

Whitney-Reiter survived 9/11, left her job, and embarked on a year of travel and soul searching. By giving herself time and space for self-reflection—unplugging—she was able to build a new life.


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Many in our modern society are in the midst of an existential crisis. The ideals of the previous generations have gradually eroded, leaving nothing to fill the vacuum. Choices for what to do with one’s life are virtually limitless. So how do you find your life’s direction?

Nancy Whitney-Reiter survived the attacks of 9/11, left her job at a Fortune 500 company, and embarked on a year of international travel and soul searching. By giving herself time and space for self-reflection—unplugging—she was then able to build a new life based on vital interests.

In this lively how-to book, Whitney-Reiter discusses why we feel empty and how we try to fill the void and then prescribes the unplugged cure. She advises on how to decide where to go, pay for your adventure, and take care of your commitments. She offers a roadmap to the self-discovery process and advice on the transition back home. Success stories of those who have unplugged and a thorough guide to resources provide further guidance.

Nancy Whitney-Reiter is currently a consultant for an adventure travel company and lives in Dewey, Arizona, near Prescott.


Praise for Unplugged


To find that buried self, you may have to get away for a few weeks, a few months, a year, whatever it takes. Unplugged will guide you through the process, step by step, including how to leave your job, organize your exit, and how to re-enter the world when you've found the lost ‘you.’ Try it. You may discover that you really can live the dreams you forgot you had.

—Rita Golden Gelman, author of Tales of a Female Nomad

Nancy’s book is not only inspirational but amazingly informative. She doesn’t just talk about the need to get unplugged sometimes, she tells you exactly how to do it. Everything from distinguishing the travel scams from the legitimate offers to how to pack and utilizing insurance. She’s lived it all, from a few days away, to months.

—Sunny Schlenger

A creative guide to discovering your dreams.

—Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist

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