The Extraordinary Workplace

The Extraordinary Workplace

Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion

Danna Beal

This book shows us how to heal the workplace culture by rebuilding relationships to honor our own and others’ spirits. When fear is replaced with trust and compassion, a shift in consciousness occurs.


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Millions of people, whether leaders or employees, spend three-fourths of their waking hours in energy-depleting environments. Today’s workplace is often a web of egos competing for power, managers disempowering employees, and co-workers hurting and sabotaging each other. The troubles within the auto and financial industries are simply extreme examples of what is occurring in many businesses and in government.

In a complex, uncertain workplace environment, many feel on the brink, desperate for a way out of their sense of entrapment. Danna Beal’s new book reveals the source of fear and conflict in organizations and provides the solution for unraveling the complex web of interacting egos. It offers a personal restoration plan that leads to inner security and a path to freedom. As individuals connect with their higher selves, they are rejuvenated and can contribute to transformation in the workplace.

This book shows us how to heal the workplace culture by rebuilding relationships to honor our own and others’ spirits. When fear is replaced with trust and compassion, a shift in consciousness can occur. The shallow interpretation of ourselves as people who need to battle for power and validation belies our incredible authentic power.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Rebuild relationships throughout organizations.
  • Give up the constraints of the ego and its need for external validation.
  • Replace fear with trust and compassion so people can perform at their best.
  • Build teamwork, cooperation and synergism instead of internal rivalry and competition.
  • Expand productivity, creativity, profitability and enthusiasm of team members.
  • Increase loyalty, respect, retention, and commitment.
  • End power struggles, paranoia, gossip, personal agendas and drama that drain time and money.
  • Develop leaders and managers who have the inner courage and authenticity of great leaders.

Praise for The Extraordinary Workplace


The drama of egos inside Enron was like a growing cancer permeating the organization. Danna Beal’s book accurately diagnoses the source of the greed, providing a deep prescription for healing and restoring integrity to the workplace.

—Lynn Brewer, author of House of Cards

The Extraordinary Workplace is written for leaders who have the courage and confidence to become vulnerable. Applying the principles in the book will foster integrity and enhance the quality of life for employees and bosses.

—Erich Steinbock, Vice President, Food and Beverage, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Reading The Extraordinary Workplace could just be the solution to bringing harmony and peace to the workplace. It’s an important book.

—Wally Amos, The Famous Amos Cookie Man and author of Watermelon Credo

Danna Beal’s book puts relationships in the workplace under the microscope and offers practical, helpful, spiritual nuggets as ways of healing the workplace.

—Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., author of Love Is Letting Go of Fear

Anyone in today's workplace would derive benefit from Danna's wise advice and counsel. Follow it and watch your business prosper.

—Carol Howe, author of Never Forget to Laugh

Danna’s candid insight on issues facing the workplace is both timely and necessary. Companies that are able to take your information and infuse it into their values will be far ahead of their peers. In addition, they will have the satisfaction to know they have groomed a team that exemplifies trust and respect for one another. It doesn't get any better than that.

—Keith Arnzen, CEO, Medical Imaging Northwest

I totally agree with Danna. We should utilize the time at work to learn life skills we can use at home. I truly enjoyed reading Danna's book and feel that I am already incorporating some of her principles in my daily work. It is a very inspirational book.

—Anders Berglund, former co-owner, IKEA, Seattle, WA

Danna Beal’s important new book, The Extraordinary Workplace, gives you essential insights to transform your workplace by rebuilding relationships with trust and integrity.

—Bill George, professor, Harvard Business School, and author of True North

Danna Beal clearly grasps the servant-hearted commitment to forge one’s life into a beautiful force for others.

—Mike Cogdill, Emmy Award winning television journalist, author of She-Rain

Danna has created an exceptional process to facilitate much needed enlightened leadership for these times. Her work is highly original and offers a unique, fresh and very effective way to view the workplace.

—Robert Beale, president, Beale International, Inc., Denver, CO

The Extraordinary Workplace is a book for anyone who works—no matter what your role in the organization. Discover how you can find peace in today’s chaotic workplace.

—Russell Bishop, Managing Partner, Bishop & Bishop, and author of Workarounds That Work

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