Snap Out of it Now!

Snap Out of it Now!

Four Steps to Inner Joy

Adrianne Ahern

Dr. Ahern’s program can help you have a life of purpose and joy. Snap Out of It Now! is your guide to do-it-yourself fulfillment—whether you want more self-confidence, wealth, love, or just more fun!


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Dr. Adrianne Ahern's powerful program can help you make a quantum leap to a life with purpose, joy, and excellence. Snap Out of It Now! is your guide to do-it-yourself fulfillment—whether you want more self-confidence, wealth, love, or just more fun! Dr. Ahern's method is ideal for people who:

  • Say yes to the wrong relationships
  • Let stress cloud their judgment or block their career
  • Let anger lead them down the wrong path
  • Fail at diets
  • Lose ability under performance pressure
  • Believe they are not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, thin enough, or young enough

Snap Out of It Now! will show you how to end your negative thinking and find the keys to success with anything you want in life! Adrianne Ahern, Ph.D., has two master's degrees and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She spent seven years as a psychologist at ScrippsHealth and Mercy Hospital in San Diego, while maintaining her private practice. She divides her time between Reno, Nevada and La Jolla, California. Available now! Download the mp3 version of Snap Out of It Now! for $18.95 at

Praise for Snap Out of it Now!

Practical, powerful, engaging… positive tools for living life to the fullest. I loved it!

—George J. Pratt, Ph.D., Chairman of Psychology, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA; co-author, Instant Emotional Healing

From the executive board room to the athletic playing field, Dr. Ahern's Snap Out of It Now! offers the key to controlling stress, minimizing emotional turmoil and maximizing performance. This is a refreshing look at what motivates our actions.

—Dr. Judy Churchill, Chair of the Scripps Mercy Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, San Diego, CA

With a life that revolves around constant deadlines, I find Dr. A’s techniques for snapping out of mental blocks and limitations both brilliant and easy. I adore her methods for achieving peak performance—whether I’m writing the first chapter of a new book, or playing the third set of a tennis match.

—Linda Sivertsen, West Coast Editor of Balance magazine and author of Lives Changed

In rally car racing, focus is needed over a two day period. Flat tires, broken transmissions, fogging windshields—plenty can happen. Winning athletes learn to deal powerfully with breakdowns (both physically and mentally) again and again. When it looks like everything's going wrong, Dr. A's method is one of many tools I can use to perform well—to get my A game back. In my sport, confident mindset is the difference between winning and losing.

—Matthew Johnson, 2006 Rally America Production GT National Champion

Dr. A helps you find your A-game. Conditioning keeps most of us in a state of sleep-walking throughout life, but Snap Out of It Now! provides a wake-up call and easy-to-use daily action points. Unless we wake up to ourselves, we cannot consciously choose to reach our fullest potential. Dr. A shows us how.

—Jan Usher, Director of Instruction, Montreux Golf & Country Club, Reno, NV; named "Top 50 Instructor" in 2007 by Golf for Women magazine

Snap Out of It Now! is like a personal GPS for turning your life around. Without one ounce of fat, it's a professional coach in a book written by one of the nation's top performance psychologists.

—Ken Druck, Ph.D., Executive Coach, author, How to Talk to Your Kids About School Violence

With astonishing clarity, wisdom and compassion, Adrianne Ahern provides tools to help us transcend the limitations of our negative programming. She truly can show you how to Snap Out Of It Now and step into the greatness that is your birthright.

—Arielle Ford, author, Owner's Manual: The Essential Guide to the One You Love

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