Get Paid to Write!

Get Paid to Write!

The No-Nonsense Guide to Freelance Writing

Tom Williams, Ph.D.

This book shares the secrets for divining the style of publications, crafting the all-important query letter, finding good ideas for articles, selling information on the internet, and more.


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Would you like to set your own hours, work at home, and write about fascinating topics and interesting people, all the while getting well paid for your efforts? Selling articles to magazines, newspapers, and websitesor even writing your own bookcan be a very attractive career option, especially in tough economic times, if you like to write and have a little initiative. Author Tom Williams has been a freelance writer for twenty-five years and he knows what the aspiring freelancer needs to be successful. He has written for magazines ranging from Esquire, to Home Office Computing, to Writer's Digest. He has edited and published his own magazines and newspapers, for which he has bought thousands of freelance articles and read many more queries. He has also written and published 13 successful books, both with major presses and by self-publishing.

In Get Paid to Write! Williams shares the trade secrets for divining the style and editorial slant of the publications you want to write for, crafting the all-important query letter, finding good ideas for articles, structuring an article, selling information on the internet, and much, much more. He also covers many topics of interest for those who want to write books. He answers questions such as:

  • How can I get a literary agent?
  • How much money will I make and when will I make it?
  • Will they steal my idea?
  • What about the new Print On Demand publishers like IUniverse and 1st Books. How do they work? Should I use them?
  • How can I know what editors are really looking for?
  • How can I write query letters that regularly get results?
  • What is the article type that is both easiest to write and easiest to sell?
  • Using the information in this book, aspiring freelancers won’t have to keep sending out query after query without
  • knowing where and how to send them, without knowing who's buying what, without knowing how much editors are paying, without protecting their literary property, and without the agent they need.

Get Paid to Write! is loaded with detailed, highly-practical, step-by-step instructions on topics not often found in other books on this subject, such as how to use the stylistic elements that editors are looking for, how to protect your ideas, or what to do when your book or article gets published. This is the book to buy if you want to be a successful freelance writer!


Praise for Get Paid to Write!


An essential roadmap to freelance success, covering everything from queries to newspapers, from syndicating to agents, from Internet sales to corporate writing. Learn the secrets of successful freelancing from a master.

—Fern Reiss, author of The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days

Tom Williams has done it again, providing the ambitious writer thorough and valuable manual with Get Paid To Write! Williams writes with an easy style, laying down the pertinent points and illuminating them with his own observations and experiences. A must-have addition for the writer’s bookshelf.

—Patricia J. Bell, author of The Prepublishing Handbook


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