Essential Writings on Nonduality

Jerry Katz

One conveys what nonduality itself is, in a nonacademic style that draws heavily on modern, popular writing on the subject. This new take on an ancient philosophy makes it relevant for modern lives.


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This is the first book on nonduality intended for a mainstream audience. Nonduality means not two, or One without a second. That One has many names—God, consciousness, truth, the Self-and the writings in this collection turn the reader toward this nondual reality. This is done through the practice of inquiry, in which questions about the source of one's action or thought lead one to see the fact of non-separation, and through expressions of nonduality in art, music, scriptures, and diverse areas of ordinary life. In gaining an understanding of the nondual nature of life, one can live with greater integrity and joy, because the truth of existence is seen and lived.

Often called Advaita in the East, nonduality describes the singular wholeness of existence that suggests that the personal self is an illusion. Nonduality is the basis of much of ancient Eastern thought, and there is a growing interest in it among Western spiritual seekers. The book covers religious and cultural expressions of nonduality, nondual spiritual practices, and the philosophical underpinnings of the nondual perspective. This very lively and diverse collection includes readings from Ramana Maharshi, Ibn 'Arabi, the Tao Te Ching, Ohiyesa, the Diamond Sutra, the Avadhuta Gita, Bernadette Roberts, Kabbalah, nondual psychotherapy (John Prendergast), education (Steven Harrison), art (Jerry Wennstrom), and the movie The Matrix (Pradheep Chhalliyil). It's a sourcebook for understanding this profound perspective and how it relates to our lives.

One conveys what nonduality itself is, in a nonacademic style that draws heavily on modern, popular writing on the subject. Included are lively passages from major traditions—Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. This new take on an ancient philosophy makes it relevant to modern lives.

Jerry Katz runs the website and has published a daily newsletter, Nondual Highlights, for the past 7 years. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Praise for One


One is a major step in increasing our understanding of nonduality by explaining it from an impressive and diverse range of perspectives. In today's society where the dangers of religious divisiveness are painfully evident, this sort of pointing to common ground is not only refreshing and liberating, but perhaps a necessary step towards a better global future. Highly recommended.

—Gary Crowley, author of From Here to Here

This book is in a class of its own as the clearest and most helpful introduction to nonduality.

—Nathan Spoon, author of Words from an Empty Boat

By carefully combining a wide range of nondual texts, both ancient and modern, Jerry Katz has made a significant contribution to the growing library of nondualist writings. The author creates a very readable overview of the subject and shows that what it's pointing to is relevant today. Above all, he reminds the reader that the cross-cultural perennial philosophy that lies at the core of all of the great religions has been this same realization of the absolute unity of all things. True freedom arises through the discovery that separation is an illusion and that everything is, quintessentially, only One. This book can be an opening. Very well done and highly recommended.

—Chuck Hillig, author of Enlightenment for Beginners

One is a clear and concise guide to the most universal truth of all: that the world between our ears that we call "me, myself, and my story" does not actually exist. When we see this, when we actually realize our true, nondual nature, conflict and suffering leave us, and peace and joy prevail.

—Jim Dreaver, author of The Way of Harmony

Thanks for adding this stellar effort to the great body of nondualist literature which is now blossoming in our time. The few pages of excerpts you included from Advadhut Gita are well worth the price of your book all by themselves and yet they are only one small part of an amazing smorgasbord. This is the kind of book I expect to refer back to over the years regularly. It is also the kind of book I'll need extra copies of to give to folks I encounter who show even some small sign of being worthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

—Orva Schrock, author of Grandpa's Notebooks: The Evolution of an Amish Soul

My kind of book. I know I will enjoy having it for years to come. Leave it to Jerry Katz to show the pluralism of the unitive experience. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for the best reference guide to nonduality on the market today. A must have for serious seekers for its breadth of perspectives.

—Paul Cohen, Publisher/Editor, Monkfish Book Publishing Company

One is an I-can't-put-it-down book that is the best single collection dealing with nonduality that I have ever found. This fine source of wisdom is edited by Jerry Katz, who was the first to bring awareness of nonduality to the lives of scores of seekers all over the world via the internet on his fine websites (e.g. Through his brilliant editing, Jerry brings the reader to the heart of the matter.

One is a guidebook that speaks of That which can't be spoken about. The book is a vehicle for consciousness-evolving experience. It has the hard-to-find quality of presenting the reader with many mind-stopping moments that open the possibility of knowing our nondual nature experientially and not just theoretically. This is the one book I recommend for a beginner to learn about nonduality.

—Bob Rose, President, Meditation Society of America

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