Nothing From Nothing

A Novella for None


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From Sartre to Star Trek, Kafka to Mr. Wizard, Wagner to Puke Rock (don’t ask)—no subject is too exalted or ridiculous to come under the acerbic scrutiny of N. Nosirrah. In this freewheeling, very funny story of Sixties excess, mad genius, enlightened rambling, death and transfiguration, no metaphysical or cultural holds are barred.

N. Nosirrah’s incisive and intelligent wit on matters spiritual and worldly offers a refreshing alternative to less adventuresome works of fiction, spirituality, autobiography, or philosophy. This book includes all of those threads and features a voice which is at once profoundly irreverent and mystically sound. Fundamentalists beware: the God of this religion brooks no pat description, no belief system, no creed or manifesto, except perhaps that of freedom from such limitation, with a healthy dose of comic irony in both concept and conversational delivery.

How can such a small book contain so much in the way of pharmaceuticals, eroticism, and depraved music, while still having something discerning to say about the ego, the value of pi, and the benefits of electroshock therapy? And why should we care? Can this tiny tome actually change your life? As Nosirrah’s beleaguered editor, Lydia Smyth, advises, “Read it, be transformed, and then you will know exactly what to do.”


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Everything in this book, from the very title and name of the author, is playfully nihilistic, and not to be taken seriously. The author, it might be said, is carrying out the work of Shiva the destroyer, to bring down every preconception we might have about belief, art, the self, the novel, meaning, and existence itself. Yet like the wisdom of yoga, there is a redeeming wisdom here which can delight in the very spirit of playful dance, in which destruction and creation are two faces of the same art.

From the very beginning, the so-called Editor’s Preface, by a Lydia Smyth, is suspect, along with the Foreword by a dubious Nebirk Yallip. Later in the text the author interjects conversation with said editor, hinting also at personal relationship issues with her (among other attractions). These digressions are par for the course in a narrative that follows no linear thread, but the sparking digressions of a brain wired to everything and nothing at once.

The approach is ironic, in the tradition of Tristam Shandy. It is Nietzchean, in its bold broad strokes of overturning every conventional assumption in favor of a revolutionary insistence on the power of truth in the momentary impulse of expression. It is post-modern, discursive, tangential, irreverent, profane, fearless. It is at once “not an easy read” and effortless.

  —Alternative Culture Blog

about the author

N. Nosirrah

N. Nosirrah is a writer and philosopher who asks his readers to question their existence, God’s existence, and in particular, Nosirrah’s existence. He has said that those who understand his writings have no need to meet him, those who do not have no reason to meet him, and those who need to meet him have no need to read his writings.