Healing with Qualities

Healing with Qualities

The Essence of Time Therapy

Manuel Schoch

Healing with Qualities explains how Time Therapy, a practical way to realize the potential of your individual strengths, works through changing your patterns through meditation techniques.


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Manuel Schoch was a gifted Swiss mystic, healer, therapist, teacher, and the creator of Time Therapy. He drew on 30 years of careful observation of the human energy system to give us a holistic way to transform our habitual patterns. Combining awareness and natural energy processes, Time Therapy is a stunningly direct and practical way to consciously realize the potential of your individual strengths and qualities. Rather than focusing on the past as a tool for dealing with the present, as does traditional psychotherapy, Time Therapy works on the premise that you can change your patterns in the present through specific meditation techniques.

Healing with Qualities guides your through this promising Time Therapy.

Schoch was the co-founder of the Analytic Centre in Zurich and the founder and director of the HiHo-Collective, an anti-psychiatric institution which was widely known in the 70s. He went on to found the Tune In Centre for Human Growth in Zurich, London, and Athens, practiced Time Therapy. He also taught at the University of Zurich.

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