How to Profit from the Prophets in the Coming End of the World


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2012 has come and gone, and we’re still here. But you can be ready for the next apocalypse!

Anyone who agrees that the hype around the 2012 prophecies needed skewering, and who enjoys penetrating wit served up with a healthy dose of enlightened perspective, will find that 2013 is the essential guide to survival and prosperity when the world ends. Whether that end comes through a meteor impact, a viral pandemic, a changing climate, or simply the wrath of God, N. Nosirrah offers a brief escape from the overwhelming terror that can come when facing the apocalypse. He explores the end times and world monetary collapse with insights that are undaunted by their self-contradictions, witticism that never lets up, and the promise of multi-level marketing.

2013, a self-help survival manual cum novella for the reality-challenged, explores the place where profit is made, a place found between our world of fiction and the unseen world of truth, and suggests that it is possible to make a fortune, get enlightened, and laugh uproariously when the world ends. If The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy took you to the edge, 2013 will push you over.


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Another in the epic non-genre entertainments provided by arch-ironist N. Nosirrah, author of God is an Atheist and Nothing from Nothing. But how to describe a genre which is not of any genre of this world, a plot that has no beginning or end, and characters each more elusive than the next (all right, let us just put Nosirrah and his intrusive “editor,” Lydia Smyth, on the same page in this regard). So I might just mention that this book skewers the current craze in alternative circles concerning the coming collapse of all we hold dear, takes philosophy to its illogical conclusion, serves a heaping dose of multilevel marketing antidotes-cum-anecdotes, and comes out on the other side sharing a smile with the appreciative reader.

Alternative Culture Magazine

2013: How to Profit from the Prophets in the Coming End of the World provides a powerful survey blending humor, social observation, and spirituality. It’s a guide to finding peace during end-of-world times and it offers a satisfying tongue-in-cheek viewpoint perfect for any new age collection. Where most new age titles offer “end of world” scenarios in all seriousness, it’s refreshing to see a different approach and blend that’s both serious and has a dose of humor!

Midwest Book Review

Just because the world has ended it doesn’t mean you can’t make a shiny profit. 2013: How to Profit From the Prophets in the Coming End of the World is a unique take on the end of the world as author N. Nosirrah tells a humorous story of the apocalypse and how to enterprise off it and make yourself a nice chunk of change in a sea of death. Hilarious and thoughtful, 2013 is a read that shouldn’t be missed; highly recommended.



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N. Nosirrah

N. Nosirrah is a writer and philosopher who asks his readers to question their existence, God’s existence, and in particular, Nosirrah’s existence. He has said that those who understand his writings have no need to meet him, those who do not have no reason to meet him, and those who need to meet him have no need to read his writings.