One Less Bitter Actor - Audiobook

One Less Bitter Actor – Audiobook

Markus Flanagan

Every actor struggles with bitterness when they aren’t working to their full potential. One Less Bitter Actor offers advice on how to succeed in acting from one who has.


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Nothing is more frustrating than talent unrealized, and every actor struggles with bitterness when they aren't working to their full potential. One Less Bitter Actor offers sage, pragmatic, anxiety-calming advice on how to succeed in acting from one who has. Markus Flanagan offers encouraging, highly useful pointers on such vital matters as:

  • How do you combat getting typed?
  • Understanding the people you are auditioning for
  • Bad habits to avoid in the audition waiting room
  • The two deadliest questions you may be asked before starting your reading
  • What are they looking for in the call back?
  • Dealing positively with rejection
  • Finding the spirit to go on


Praise for One Less Bitter Actor


I wish I had this book when I was swimming upstream at the beginning of my career. The advice about on-set behavior is especially useful. This book will help anyone who reads it.

—Carol Burnett, actress

Save yourself five years of learning the hard way and read this book. If I could I’d make it required reading for everyone who dreams to be, was, or is a member of Screen Actors Guild.

—Melissa Gilbert, Screen Actor’s Guild President 2000-2004

Filled with practical nuts-and-bolts information, this is a terrific book for any man or woman brave enough to take the plunge into show business. It's also a terrific book for anyone who wants to know what it truly means to be an actor. Markus Flanagan puts it all down with clarity, empathy and humor.

–Buzz Bissinger, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of Friday Night Lights,
and former co-producer, NYPD Blue

With One less Bitter Actor, Markus Flanagan continues his legacy of generosity to his fellow actors. His book demystifies the rigors of ‘making it’ in Hollywood and delivers tried and true advice for dealing with the obstacles actors face in the auditioning process and on the set. Essential reading for every actor on their way up.

—Doug Savant, actor, Desperate Housewives

Simply a wonderful book! For learning to deal with rejection, this book is a must read.

—Jerry Hall, actress

One Less Bitter Actor puts down in writing every good habit every actor should have. I have seen bitterness sour the best of them. It might also be titled One Much Better Actor because if you take this book to heart you're sure to put your best work out.

—Denise Chamian, casting director for Saving Private Ryan,
Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, and Big Fish

This book is everything it took me 11 years to learn.

—Austin Nichols, star of HBO’s John from Cincinnati

Markus Flanagan has taken his own personal struggle as an artist facing the crass and unfeeling world of marketing himself as an actor and turned it into a positive, upbeat book of mentoring advice to other young actors facing the same unknowns. This book rings with truth and integrity something not often found in the whirligig of show biz.

—Harold G. Baldridge, Executive Director,
Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre

Really well written. The scope of understanding this book has makes it invaluable for any actor.

—Keli Lee, Executive Vice President of Casting
for ABC TV Network and ABC Studios

Markus Flanagan has pulled back the curtain on the process, changing the equation for actors breaking into the business. His insights are keen and his wisdom inspirational.

—Karen Kehela Sherwood, Co-Chairman, Imagine Films
(The DaVinci Code, Cinderella Man, A Beautiful Mind)

This book shines when it comes to explaining how to stay in the game mentally when the chips appear to be down. It is so easy to jump to very false conclusions in this business. In order to walk the actor’s road a great deal of inner fortitude is required. If you don’t have it you won’t last long. Markus has it, and is able to hand it to those who are struggling to gain it.

—Andy Kottler, actor

Markus Flanagan’s One Less Bitter Actor is one of the most clear and honest books about show business. It will guide you through not only the steps that it takes but also the mind set that you must have to build and sustain a long, successful acting career.

—Ellie Kanner, author of Next!, casting director for
Friends, Dawsons Creek, Sex and The City, and director of Crazylove

This book is like a comfort blanket and self-esteem steroid all in one.

—Jake Newton, actor and musician

Terrific! It is full of so much information that is essential and absolutely impossible to learn unless someone tells you or you learn from mistakes made.

—Joy Dickson, casting director, Dickson-Arbusto Casting

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