Hope to hear from you!

Hope to hear from you!

We’ve designed our new site to give you a chance to tell us—and other readers—what you think of our books. We’d love to hear what you value—or don’t!—about them, as well as suggestions for anything you think we should be publishing. Perhaps an out-of-print classic needs to be revived or you want to recommend a blog that could be the basis for a good book. Maybe you want to tell us about a book that’s had a profound impact on you – whether one of ours or not. We already have lots to work on, so we’re not accepting new manuscripts at present, but we do keep a list of ideas for the future. Mostly, we just want to know what matters to you.

And please do let us know if the new site improves your shopping experience or if something still needs attending to. Thanks for visiting us!

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