Tom Williams, Ph.D.

Tom Williams, Ph.D., has written for magazines ranging from Esquire to Writer’s Digest. He is the author of 14 books. Experienced on both sides of the editorial desk, Tom Williams has started, edited and published city and regional magazines and is Editor-in-Chief of Venture Press book publishers.

In 1979, Williams bought The Mecklenburg Gazette, a weekly newspaper in North Carolina. In three years, he increased circulation 400% and revenues by 1000%, and sold out to a newpaper chain for 50 times the purchase price.

Subsequently, Williams founded Venture Press, a home-based book publishing company. His publications included historical reprints, civic picture-histories, folklore and oral history.

He started and published many magazines, including Tar Heel: The Magazine of North Carolina (a state-wide magazine), The New East magazine, NCEast Magazine and Washington Magazine. He published association directories and chamber of commerce “quality of life” magazines, newcomer guides and tourism guides.

Williams is a student of hard knocks. He learned how to spot profitable opportunities, size up the competition, and position his publications for success on his own, and shares his knowledge with us in his books.