Peter Meech

Peter Meech was born in Toronto , is a citizen of the United States and Canada , and received a Master’s degree in communications from Stanford University , where he won a Stanford Nicol award for writing. He currently gives private instruction to students in chi kung and is a writer and producer.

Peter has served as a script doctor on several feature films, and was a director of Island Films, which, in conjunction with Atlantis Films, produced Vincent Price’s Dracula and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s I Know a Secret. He has written for a variety of television shows, including Dracula: the Series, (syndicated), Ready or Not (Showtime), Tintin (HBO) Masked Rider (FOX Family), VR Troopers (FOX Family) and Emily of New Moon (Disney). Peter spent two years writing for German television. He also worked in Japan, producing a Japanese movie with Robbie Robertson entitled Jenifa, starring Jennifer Holmes and Takayuki Yamada, which premiered in Tokyo in May, 2004.

He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America , the Animation Caucus of the WGA, the Writer’s Guild of Canada, the British Academy of Film and Television, and the Screen Actor’s Guild.

Peter currently has several projects in development and lives in Los Angeles .