Noah Walton, Ph.D.

—Noah Walton

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Noah Walton is a geneticist at the University of Chicago. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from Duke University and his PhD in neurobiology from the University of Florida. Noah leads a dual life as an athlete and scholar, competing in triathlons while publishing scientific studies. His scholarly work has been featured on CNN and in Scientific American and The New York Times.

The legitimacy of the scientific aspects of the Noah’s foray into weight loss are underscored by his proven track record in biomedical research, where he has published numerous papers in top-tier scientific journals and presented work at international conferences. He effectively transformed himself from a couch potato to an athlete who qualified for, and succeeded in, the 70+ mile US National Triathlon Championships. He has completed 2 Ironman (140+ miles) races, 6 half-Ironmans, and an Olympic triathlon in the past 3 years. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.