Mitchell T. Yass, PhD

—Mitchell T. Yass

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A graduate of the SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn and New York Institute of Technology, Dr. Mitchell Yass is the founder and owner of a thriving physical therapy practice in Farmingdale, NY. Over the last fifteen years, his strength-training program has been used to treat thousands of patients, many of whom were misdiagnosed by x-rays and MRIs. He currently serves more than 8,000 physical therapy patients and 4,000 personal training clients.

Yass is a regular contributor to Muscle Training Illustrated and Fitness Plus, and was named personal trainer of the month by Exercise for Men Only. His unique approach and intricate knowledge of human anatomy have been shared through his lectures, the prestigious Bodies exhibition in New York, and Fit for Life!, the television series he created to help viewers achieve greater levels of fitness throughout life.

A native of Queens, Mitchell Yass lives in Farmingdale, near New York City.