Markus Flanagan

Markus Flanagan has never needed to hold a day job throughout his twenty-year acting career. Right out of acting school he starred in Biloxi Blues alongside Matthew Broderick, and his first TV pilot audition landed him a series with George Clooney. He’s starred in three prime-time series, made fifty guest TV show appearances, and acted in ten feature films, five stage plays, and five movies of the week. He learned many valuable lessons from observing the successes and mistakes of those he’s worked with, including Mike Nichols, Aidan Quinn, Tom Cruise, Jerry Hall, Christopher Walken, Stockard Channing, Tyne Daly, Michael Madsen, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, the Olsen Twins, and many more.

He’s written five plays, all of which have been produced in Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM, and he sold a screenplay to Fox. He directed the TV show “Unfabulous,” and will direct other Nickelodeon shows this year. He is the creator of the “L.A. Café Plays” series that continues to be a great success in Santa Monica. He lives and teaches acting in Los Angeles.