Jennifer Loomis

—Jennifer Loomis

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Jennifer Loomis is an award-winning and internationally recognized fine-art photographer and photojournalist, known for her groundbreaking work with the pregnant nude. With a Masters in Photojournalism, she is primarily a self-taught artist who revels in the freedom of her eclectic education. As a young photographer and an activist, she wanted her work to challenge society’s definition of beauty. She defied all the advice and guidance she received from acclaimed and well-respected colleagues and held fast to her passion to pursue her goal of photographing nude pregnant women. To everyone’s amazement, she was a big success, opening studios in Seattle, San Francisco and New York. Jennifer and her work have been featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, I Village, and on the CBS Morning Show, NPR, and Inside Edition.

Born in Connecticut to a British mother and American father, Jennifer has lived all over the world, including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, Indiana, Kansas, and Virginia, and she currently divides her time between San Francisco and Seattle. Jennifer got her start photographing pregnant women from Annie Liebovitz’s studio, where Demi Moore was photographed pregnant for Vanity Fair. After photographing more than 1700 women over more than 15 years, Jennifer has not only changed society’s perspective on the pregnant nude, but has also given each mother a new perspective on her own body. Her clients’ children are now able to articulate how they cherish the photographs depicting themselves inside their mothers.

Jennifer uses her expertise as a documentary photojournalist to tell the story of each woman and family. “More than a portrait, I want to photograph a feeling that captures and celebrates each individual woman’s beauty of motherhood,” she has said.


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