Ike Allen

—Ike Allen

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Ike Allen is shifting the way humanity experiences reality. As a seminar leader and conscious filmmaker who has spent over two decades studying the nature of the human experience, Ike guides individuals to leap beyond limits in all areas of their lives.

He has researched and been exposed to a plethora of visionaries and teachings, gaining wisdom from experiences ranging from immersion in the ancient cultures of Asia to interviewing a wide variety of spiritual leaders.

Ike is the co-creator of Leap Ventures (LV), which he formed in 2006 with Chad Cameron. LV is committed to guiding individuals to discover their own truth, to live a life beyond perceived limits. LV creates transformative movies, such as Leap! and A Journey In Miracles, and the empowering workshop “Leap! Beyond Limits.”

Ike’s ultimate passion is experiencing the joys and challenges of raising two gorgeous daughters to live a life of true power, fun and exploration. He lives in Loveland, Colorado.