Dr. R. P. Kaushik

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Dr. R. P. Kaushik was a philosopher in the original sense of the word — one who loves and discovers the truth. His work took him outside the framework of traditional thought, both intellectual and spiritual, beyond popular concepts and ideologies toward an ever-deepening care and affection for life.

Dr. Kaushik was born in India in 1926. His search for understanding began early in life with the death of a friend. No intellectual approach offered a satisfactory answer, and it became clear that no experience — direct or indirect — could ever offer a total solution. Gradually all ideas and images dropped away and he was led to the discovery that reality can be understood only from moment to moment. He practiced medicine for 23 years until 1973, when he began meeting with people interested in exploring life deeply, without recourse to beliefs. He traveled around the world, speaking on meditation and spirituality, and authored six books. He died in 1981.