Dave Ames

—Dave Ames

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Dave Ames is the author of three books about fly fishing and one book about cancer. He prefers fishing to having cancer, so when he got diagnosed and heard the dire odds, he set about trying to prove the doctors wrong. Cancer-free for several years now, he’s on a mission to tell others how he did it.

Dave grew up on the shores of Lake Erie. He was one of those kids who read Mark Twain and the Hardy Boys late into the night by a flashlight hidden under a blanket. Fishing came naturally to him. He graduated with a degree in geology from Allegheny College, and became a fly-fishing guide. He has spoken to audiences in the tens of thousands, in venues all over the country, and has kept his listeners roaring with laughter. He’s been interviewed on regional and national television, and has written for a variety of newspapers and magazines.

Dave lives in Missoula, Montana, where he’s been known to do a bit of fishing now and then.