Cass Adams, M.A.

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Cass Adams, M.A. Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, edited both editions of The Soul Unearthed, and is quoted from this anthology on two Celestial Seasoning’s tea boxes. He was privileged to grow up in a small and spectacular ski-resort town, where he began his deep love of the outdoors. Cass has been a wilderness guide for both children and adults, and was the cofounder of Men’s Wilderness Retreats, through which he led ritually-based wilderness excursions in the mountains and deserts of the Southwestern U.S.

He has published essays about wildness and men’s issues in The Men’s Council Journal and The Green Man, and nature poems in the collections Life Prayers (Harper SanFrancisco, 1996) and Chokecherries: A S.O.M.O.S. Anthology (1999). Three volumes of his poetry have been self-published — The Naked Heart (1998), The First Six Months (2000) and Silence (2000). His photographs appear in almost all of the above publications, and in the mythopoetic anthology, Wingspan: Inside the Men’s Movement (St. Martin’s Press, 1992). In addition to time spent in the Rocky Mountains, Cass has traveled in the mountainous areas of New Zealand, Alaska and the Himalayas. He now resides in Northern New Mexico.