Bernadette Roberts

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Bernadette Roberts is one of the most extraordinary contemplatives of our time. The child of a devout Catholic family, Bernadette Roberts’s contemplative experiences began at an early age. At fifteen, they began to fit into a frame of reference within her Christian tradition. Ten years of seclusion in a monastery followed, during which Bernadette realized an abiding state of oneness with God. According to the Christian mystical tradition, this egoless, unitive state is as far as one can progress in this life.

Upon leaving the monastic life, Ms. Roberts returned “to the marketplace” and led a life as a wife and mother. She is the author of three books, The Experience of No-Self: A Contemplative Journey, The Path to No-Self: Life at the Center, and What Is Self: A Study of the Spiritual Journey in Terms of Consciousness. She offers retreats and seminars periodically and lives in Santa Monica, California.