Dr. Beatrice Bruteau

—Beatrice Bruteau

Books by this author…

  • Radical Optimism
  • What We Can Learn from the East
  • The Grand Option
  • God’s Ecstasy
  • ed., Jesus Through Jewish Eyes
  • Evolution Toward Divinity
  • The Psychic Grid
  • Worthy Is the World
  • The Easter Mysteries
  • ed., The Mystic Heart
  • ed., The Other Half of My Soul

Dr. Bruteau is a pioneer in the integrated study of science, mathematics, philosophy and religion. With a background in Vedanta and Catholic Christianity, as well as the natural sciences, she has developed a broad, inclusive vision of human reality in its cosmic and social contexts. Analyzing the systemic and metaphysical roots of our social inequities, she offers an alternative worldview, featuring the incomparable value of each person and the community dynamics of mutual respect and care that follow from that view. This theme is developed as global spirituality, not limited to any particular religious tradition but accessible in direct human terms common to all.

Dr. Bruteau has published twelve books and more than one hundred articles. Her essays have appeared in journals such as International Philosophical Quarterly, Cross Currents, and Cistercian Studies.