About Us

I started this company in 2001 to create books for anyone who has the deep interest to fully engage all aspects of life, and we’re still doing that. I will always have a very strong need for good books and am happy to provide them to readers all over the world. Publishing feels like a calling to me, a labor of love.

We publish a book only if we judge that it needs to be released into the wild. By that I mean I must be able to answer “yes” to the question, “Will I feel that publishing this book was the best use of my time, energy, and money when I look back on how I spent my life?” There are so many books in the world already; I want only to add those that will be useful to people, so we publish ones that we consider to have the potential to change lives.

Thank you for visiting our site, and hopefully you’ll find something you want to take home with you. Books create a dialog between the publisher, the author, and the reader, so please let us know what you think—we’re always interested in connecting with you.

—Connie Shaw, Publisher

Connie’s role at Sentient Publications is publisher, which means she is scrambling to keep up with changes in the publishing industry and trying to figure out what to do about the consistently reported fact that people don’t read any more. Since she has spent much of her time on earth with her nose in a book, she’s a bit perplexed by this sad turn of events, and keeps hoping—probably futilely—that the trend will reverse. A realist she is not. Meanwhile, she continues to publish excellent books on spirituality, holistic health, alternative education, and a wide variety of other topics.