The Love of Uncertainty


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“Your complete, total, final, and absolute freedom lies in the vast realm of the unknown. To enter the unknown you must leave everything that you’ve accumulated, including the wonderful peacefulness of the present, which in the end is just one more experience, just one more construction of the mind.”

–Steven Harrison, The Love of Uncertainty

In his international dialogs, Steven Harrison invites his audiences to deconstruct their belief systems, examine their actual experience, and explore what is truly real in life. This book provides readers a unique window into these conversations, which have supported so many in living a life without practices or belief systems.

He asks, “Can we have an experience that is truly new, truly unknown? Is experience shaped by what we know?” This is not an idle philosophical pursuit, since the state of the world seems to hinge on our ability to step out of our belief systems and see others in a fresh way. In The Love of Uncertainty, Harrison continues his exploration into the nature of our existence, reaffirming that openness to the questions themselves is more important than any answers.


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This is something that can actually totally transform your life. It’s not really a book in the ordinary sense…more like a transmission, an inspired act. For example:

“We divide up the energy of life using concepts, and call it fear and longing. In that world of ideas, we say that fear is stopping us from having what we’re longing for. But those thoughts or concepts aren’t actual. The energy you’re feeling is actual, so can you stay with that feeling? You don’t have to call it anything. It’s not an experience. It’s not special. It’s not fear and it’s not longing.

We cannot handle the energy. The energy is handling us. So let it. You can try to manage it by naming it, resisting it, working with it, going through all kinds of processes, but in the end you can’t handle it. None of us can handle it. That’s why we’re here, the losers. This is the losers club, because we can’t handle it and we know it. We’re lost in the wild woods of life.”

If you want to let yourself become something new, to enter the wild woods of life, well, here it is.

about the author


Steven Harrison is an international speaker on the topics of consciousness, human development, relationship and alternative education. He is the author of Doing Nothing, Being One, Getting to Where You Are, The Question to Life's Answers, The Happy Child, What’s Next After Now?The Shimmering World, and The Love of Uncertainty. His books have been translated for publication in thirteen languages.

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