Practical Obsession

the unauthorized autobiography of a mad mystic


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In this remarkable spiritual memoir, written by one of the most astonishing and enigmatic mystics of the modern era, N. Nosirrah takes us through the arc of his life from his birth, which he claims never actually happened, to his own death, amazingly described by Nosirrah himself in great detail. He recounts the rollicking events that occurred as this spiritual genius encountered the unfolding of his life and his message for humankind. Scholars will no doubt study this tome to help explain the brilliant writings of a man who so transcended his very existence that he was unable to authorize his own autobiography.


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This book makes me laugh. Not just little giggles…big roaring horse laughs. Yes, embarrassing ones.

Irreverent, perverse, absurdly honest, brilliantly insightful—there’s no real way to describe the inspired ravings of N. Nosirrah. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. Even the drawings…no, especially the drawings…are a riot. It’s a very short book, but you may just find yourself taking a long time with it—you might find yourself rereading it, more than once—to make the magic last. 

An eye-opener if there ever was one.

about the author

N. Nosirrah

N. Nosirrah is a writer and philosopher who asks his readers to question their existence, God’s existence, and in particular, Nosirrah’s existence. He has said that those who understand his writings have no need to meet him, those who do not have no reason to meet him, and those who need to meet him have no need to read his writings.